Making an angel smile

I just wanted to ask you …

How does it feel like to be an angel?

I will make you smile so much by reading this words that you will have no choice but to stop everything that you are doing and see how perfect you are.

To see that you already are all that other girls want to be.

How much you don’t need school, exams, work and no damn thing because you already have everything that you will ever want in life.

I will make you smile so bad,

That you will have no choice but to look around you and realize how different you are and how different you see from other people.

You will have no choice but to understand that everything that surrounds you doesn’t matter because you exist to life for the world and not for those four walls.

You are an angel


You will not stop smiling once you take a breath and notice that you live in stars even though you are down there.

You still live up there, you never left.

And, there is no one like you.

You have all the stars of the sky in your eyes.

There is no one with eyes so perfect as yours.

I found you when I was looking for myself in the stars!

With me you will always be the thing in the Universe.

And if you think you have to be like the rest, you are so damn wrong.

The world is yours and you are an angel.

You have wings made of light.

And you fly…You fly where others crawl.

You rule, you dominate, the world is yours.

And if you are not smiling yet you should …

Because in this moment there is nothing more important than your purest smile.

I am your reflection and I will reflect your beauty until the entire worlds illuminates.

And then you will see without a shadow of doubt that you are the most beautiful angel of the sky.

I just care about you.

I just care about taking you to where you truly belong.

In the stars and looking at the moon.

You will smile so much that you will not be able to happy how happy you are.

And your happiness will inundate that entire room.

Your happiness will inundate your entire life.

Everyone around you will be blind with all the light that comes from you.

They will have no choice but to accept that you are superior to everyone and transcendent of everything.

Smile Love.

Simply because in this exact moment you already are everything that you have ever wanted to be.

An angel on earth.

The most beautiful girl in the universe.

And all that you want is that smile.

That smile is yours, forever and no one can ever take it away from you.

I will take your hand now and we will fly over the beach and see the light of the stars reflected on the sea.

The world will end and I will laugh.

Because you are my world and we are in that place from where we never left.

I love you

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Photo: Josephine Skriver


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