Her beauty in one flower

“I was not kidding when I told you that you were the most beautiful flower of the garden.”

“I am not kidding when I tell you that you are the best thing in the world!”

Imagine again … That beautiful garden.

Everything is pure green, fresh grass, perfectly cut,… Beautiful waterfalls connected by lakes with water so clear that you can see the sun reflecting the golden sand at the bottom and shinning in small sparks of light upon hitting the tinny fishes that live there.

There are many trees in that garden, not too tall, not to small, all perfectly shaped for the squirrels to climb them so quickly that is difficult to see.

You don’t hear sounds in that garden, instead you hear a song, a melody played in perfect resonance and synchronicity by the birds, the butterflies and the cats that live there and love to play around.

The garden is perfect and as a perfect garden should be, it is filled with flowers. Flowers of all shapes, of all types, of every color and with every names.

But …

There is that one Flower.

That one, that eve though it is a flower it is not like the other ones.

This flower is at the center of the garden in a small hill elevated above everything else.

It’s beauty transcends everything else.

 It is like everything else around it vanishes and only that flower stays.

It shines, it has energy, it has life, it has magic, …

It is fascinating …

So fascinating that you cannot possible describe by words what that flower transmits.

You walk the whole garden and you seat on the grass watching it.

You smile because somehow ‘she’ is looking at you.

‘She’ ? Yes, she! You no longer know if you are looking at a flower or at a goddess.

You realize that that flower is everything that you ever wanted, everything that you ever looked for.

She shines so naturally that a spark lights up in your eyes just by looking at her.

She is the purest thing of the Universe.

Light, sweet, gentile, …

She has magic and is made of dreams.

All that you want is to stay there forever.

Seated on the grass looking at the flower.

Admiring her.

Her beauty is such that everything else stops making sense, nothing else matters, the world ceases to exist.

Everything that most pure exists … is that flower.

While you are looking at her you feel her smile.

How could a flower smile?

It doesn’t matter.

The beauty you see in her transcends all the rules.

You feel her smile and lightly, you decide to touch her.

Gently you touch in one of her blue petals.

And in the moment that you touch her, tiny drops of water come out of her petals and start floating in the air.

A small sun ray shines simultaneously on your hand and in the flower while you touch.

You look up and above you is now a rainbow, formed by the perfect combination of the sun ray and the flowers water drops floating in the air.

As you wonder for a bit at the rainbow a sweet feminine voice appears and tells you something…

“Your dreams are real”

You look at your hand and you realize, that was the flower that wanted to touch you.

And in that moment you know.
You know that you want that flower forever.
You know that that flower is all that exists.

Everything else disappears in the infinite happiness that you feel when your fingers touch that flower.

An happiness that knows no barriers, that transcends everything, so pure, so perfect, so unique, that tears of joy come into your eyes in the moment you realize… That that flower is at the same time in your hands an inside of your heart.

She does not speak, because word aren’t needed.

You feel her and there is nothing else you ever want to feel.

Princess, you are that flower and I will never take my eyes off of you.

I Love you. 😉


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